This Spacer is designed to space the oxygen sensor out of the hot exhaust gases just enough that it helps eliminate the check engine light (CEL) that is caused by a dying catalytic converters or catless exhausts. There are two versions available, Straight and 90 Degree Angled Spacer. They both work the same the only difference between the two is the angle. Some exhausts leave less room so the angled spacer may work better vs the straight depending on how tight the area is. Please confirm which style suits your needs before placing an order. This Spacer is made up of 304 high quality stainless steel. 

**Note: This Oxygen Sensor Boss is designed for off road/racing use and has not been approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use. Please research the emissions and legal requirements for your region

Vehicle Fitment

  • All Vehicles with M18x1.5mm thread Oxygen Sensors

Be advised that these Oxygen Sensor Spacers may not fully remove the CEL on some of the new 2011+  Volvo vehicles. These newer vehicles are much more sensitive to O2 Sensor spacing.

Oxygen Sensor Spacer


$26.99 - $45.99
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