Delrin replacement bushings for your 2000 P80 and P2 M56 5-speed shifter assembly will transform your Volvo's shifter feel. Factory rubber bushings are soft, mushy and have lots of play in them, making shifts feel vague and indirect. Our Delrin bushings are very hard and durable. They're guaranteed to last the lifetime of your car and firm up your shifter's throw significantly. These bushings are installed in the base of the shifter assembly under the center console. Installation takes less than 1 hour. Designed to complement the STK-0102S60 Short Shifter Kit or STK-0309S60 Short Shifter Kit.

Installation PDF: pdf.gif

Kit Contents:

  • 4 Delrin Washers
  • 4 Delrin Bushings

Delrin Shifter Assembly Bushings, 2001-2002 S60/V70 M56, 2000+ S70/V70/C70


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